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“A Fly Rod is the most wonderful, argued about, damned, praised, cherished, cheap, expensive, beautiful, light, stiff, soft, powerful, delicate, delightful, piece of equipment the fly angler can own.”From: Norm Thompson’s Angler’s Guide catalog.
This is the most profound description of a fly rod that I have ever read.  No amount of money, nickel silver, thread, agate, or exotic woods will make it cast if the taper is not right for you.
I am a traditional builder of split cane fly rods and I build one grade of rod which is the best of my work in each rod, therefore all rods are offered at $1800. and
All rods come with a Royal Wulff Long Belly Line to match your rod.
My first commitment is to build rods that work, that is, that work for you. I build over thirty five tapers that I fish myself. They are to be used not just admired. You will find that my guides are somewhat over sized to cast modern lines for this reason.
My second commitment is to build the best rod that I can. I will use the best materials available.
  My cane is from a pre-embargo stash that I have had for 30 years. My reel seats are Black Ash burl inserts. Ferrules, thread check and reel seats are all blackened Nickel Silver from Bellinger Company. (www.genuinebellinger.com) I use Agate Stripping guides framed in blackened nickel silver from J.E. Arguello (www.jea-bamboo-flyrods.com)   with Bronzed snake guides from Snake Guide Co. (www.snakeguides.com)  I import Flor Grade cork rings from Portugal for grips. When I find better components, I will use them. 
I build two major actions that have many models and length of each action.
The Parabolic Action by Paul H. Young and E. F. Payne are truly the most popular and forgiving action in my collection. “A parabolic butt has an extremely low taper. The tip has two compound tapers and is exceedingly fast in recovery. In making a cast the butt flexes clear into the hand and can be seen and felt. On delivery of the cast the lower half of the rod gets in its power impulse while the upper half is still flexed. Then, as the tip straightens, a seemingly second power impulse applies which straightens a long line or shoots an abundance of line if desired.” From More Fishing – Less Fussing By Paul H. Young. This is a rod for big water and windy conditions, but will still work in close on the most fickle spring creek fish. Match the rod length and line weight to the right conditions and there is a rod taper in this group that will work for you.
Parabolic Rods                Rods                    Length /line              Comments
Midge 6’3” 3wt.A petite little rod at home on Brookie streams.
Para 137’6”  4wt. This is new to my collection. A real 4wt in the style of the Perfectionist. It works especially well up close with power enough to unload when needed. A pure joy to cast.
Perfectionist 7’6”  5wt. This is an all-time favorite, it just seems to do everything well.

Para 14



Para 13 





7’9”  5wt. 



 7’9” 4wt



 8' 5wt

8'3" 5wt

 8'3 6wt 7wt &8wt

A go-to rod when you don’t know if you will be on a small stream or a wide river like the Henry’s Fork.     

 A lighter version of the Para 14 don’t let the 4wt fool you it will cast a lot of line  


Para 158’  5, 6 or 7wtThis rod cast like it is a foot longer. A large rod that will handle streamers for fall browns or steelhead on the Klamath.  This rod is a pure joy to cast. 


Progressive Tapers of Everett Garrison, E.F. Payne E.C. Powell and many others are a smooth and accurate design. They seem to work into the lower half of the rod butt and grip as the line is extended. These always have a reserve of power waiting to be used by the caster. These rods feel like a single power unit delivering the energy to the line in unison with the power you transmit from your hand. Simply said you seem to have complete control of distance and accuracy without the expense of energy.
Progressive Rods
Pro 12 7ft7’ 3wt.This is a delicate and accurate rod with plenty of authority.
Pro 12 7ft 3 in.7’3’’ 3wtA neat rod that is not little, lots of power and still lite  
Pro 13 7'6"ft7’6” 4 or 5wt This is one of my early successes.  It seems at home anywhere.  The rod I use more than any other.
Pro 13 7'9"7’9” 4 or 5wtA very smooth version of my first successful taper. Similar to the Pro 137’6” just longer. Truly a rod for all seasons. The 4wt is a rod with just a bit more finesse
Pro 13 8’ lite8’ 4wt Pure trout rod for the person who loves a lite action in an eight foot rod.
Pro 14 8’ 8’ 5or6wt  This rod has found favor with dry fly fisherman on large water where a big fish maybe encountered.

My rods are from 6’ to 8’9’ in almost all of the popular tapers. They are all two pieces and are all solid built to enhance the taper. They are finished with eight coats of hand rubbed spar varnish by the French polish method. Unless otherwise ordered my grips are cigar shape in the E.F.Payne tradition and with up-locking reel seats. Thread is gray with maroon trim; it will look translucent and gray to tan depending on the light, after four coats of varnish.  Nickel Silver hardware is blackened.  Striping guides are J.E. Arguello Black Nickel Silver with agate insert. All rods come with two identical tips in a cotton bag and brass capped aluminum tube. Each rod comes with a bamboo and cork ferrule plug.