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Twisted Leaders


There has been enough interest in my twisted leaders at the fishing shows to cause me to offer them on my web site.

These twisted leaders are unlike the furled leader. They are made of Maxima ultra green monofilament. There are four strands of 8 lb. in the butt section, two strands of 8 lb. in the next section. Then loop to loop to two strands of 6 lbs then one strand of 6 lb. which is 3x where you would add your favorite tippet material with a double surgeons knot.

My leaders before tippet is added, is 9ft. By adding three feet of tippet you are fishing a 12ft. leader.

Most fishermen are surprised at the way these turn over a fly.

One trick that I use when fishing a large fly, like a bass bug or a salmon fly is to remove the twisted 6lb. section at the loop to loop and add a single strand of 8lb. with a loop to the butt section. This will make the leader about 7 lb. and with a strong butt to turn over large flies.

The minimum order is four leaders at $10.00 each and I will cover the shipping.

 It is best to call me at 916-996-0020 and I will tell you where you can send a check and I will get your address for shiopping.

I hope to see you at a fly fishing show this year. 

You will now find my leaders a The TroutHunter and The Henry's Fork Anglers both in Last Chance Idaho and in Salmon Idaho at The Salmon River Fly shop

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