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Fly Lines


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The most common questions that I get concerning fly lines are; “What is the best line for my new cane rod?”, and “How much should I over line my new rod?”
Well, the answer to the second question is, some rods will cast one line over depending on your casting ability. If you’re fishing will be mostly short casts, one line over is okay. But it is best to stay with the makers recommendations. I have given recommendations something like this in the past, 4 double taper or 5 weight forward. This would normally give the right load for a 5 weight rod.
I now have a better solution. My friend and fishing partner Ron Hayashi introduced me to Royal Wulff’s Long Belly lines a while back and everything changed.
These are 40’ of belly, that is 10’ longer than normal and 60’ of running line. They cast like a double taper and shoot like a weight forward. They are smaller in diameter than the super high floating lines, but have the right amount of weight in the taper to load the rod without effort. The small diameter allows them to cut through the wind and I find they float as well as any of the larger line diameters. 
These lines show off my rods so well that I started using them as demonstration lines and for my personal fishing.
I am now offering them for sale at $65.95 each and I have them available in all weights, with 3 through 6 weights ready for immediate delivery.  

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