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These are comments posted on Clarks Classic Cane a web site that covers everything from collecting to reel making.
Some of these are people that I know and have my rods, some are rod makers that I know, and the rest I have meet and don't remember them, such is old age.
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And although my days were quite full, I did manage to say “HI” to a few friends. Joe Bradley, who builds some very sweet cane rods, had a booth immediately next to the authors booth, and I managed to find a few minutes to cast a 7’3” 3-wt that he had in his display rack. I was a true 3-weight, and handled the line with delicate easy

From Gary Borger's web site

Hi Joe - The rods and lines arrived in good order. I got a chance to look the rods over very closely and am very impressed with your workmanship and style of the rods. I like rods that are simple, well executed and functional, but still have an aesthetic appeal, and these fit that to a T. The color combinations with the wood spacers, blued hardware, cane color and wraps merge perfectly. The canework is great. To say I am very pleased is an understatement! The Para 13 is very welcome to a place like North Carolina, where a light 4 is so often ideal, and even a standard 4/5 Perfectionist feels a bit heavy. The ability to cast short as well as flip longer casts is very much welcome. 

The Para 14 seems a perfect companion to the Para 13, and will be ideal as you say on the website, when one is not certain about fishing a smaller or larger river for the day. Terrific.

Kevin Lyons

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